Tongue Twisters


Tongue Twisters

I used to have a list of really good tongue twisters but I lost it. More likely it was just misplaced and I’ll find it someday. I imagine there are plenty websites that contain them so I don’t regard the loss as a major tragedy. I found these, tweaked them and include theme here in the event your IP server goes down and you have nothing better to do. Remember, the secret sauce is to repeat them.

The shameless shepherd shared six sexy sheep with the swanky shiek.

Bab’s big boobs bust bras but Bab’s big butt breaks benches.

Toast today to terribly twisted tongues; toast tomorrow to tongue terrible twists.

Action Adam asked Ahmed for answers and Ahmed answered accordingly.

Tiny Tim told torrid tales to Tony and Tina Turner.

Shelly shimmied shyly but should have shyly shimmied.

The shameless shepherd shared six sexy sheep with the swishy sheik.

Barbs’ big boobs bust bras, but Barbs’ big butt busts benches.

Four frozen flies were finally freed from frost on Friday.

Sally sure was sore so she swore so surely she shouted the shore.

A sneaky sick snake slithered and squeaked on soggy straw on Sunday.

Jenny generally generalized until General Gene generated a January gem.

Ordinary orangutans often order officers off orange orderlies.

An imaginary menagerie manager imagined managing a manger,

Mike met Matt and Matt met Mike and Mark met Mark and Matt.

Slope slipped her slippers slyly and swiped her Swifter sloppily.

Both blue boats bought bait but brought blanks begrudgingly.

The porpoise purposely performed political poetry on purple porches.

Art argued artfully about art and afterward about argumentation.

Tony tried Terry’s treadmill two times to test its tread.

Which wicked witch was watched with wicked winks?

A wacky wizard waved his wand wistfully and wondered why.

Tim took training tips and the tips trained Tim to train tips.

Patiently practice praying, playing and plucking.

Eleven excited elves elegantly exited the elevator.

Sally’s slippery serving spoon slipped while serving salad.

Harry hurried to half Harold’s hash.

Morgan the moose mostly made mud and mutton.

Little Lenny liked leaning language and literature.

Peter played politely on the playground at playtime.

Geography and geology are generally geographic.

The doctor dictated the disease diagnosis diligently.

Chop cut hack slice saw sever mince dice.


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